Viewing snapshots of web pages in my library on web site

Hi, Now that I'm syncing my attached files to the Zotero server, I was looking at some web page snapshots I captured. It doesn't appear as if the snapshots are accessible via the web site. I get the URL of the page, but not the snapshot with the editing icons. Can someone explain? I can access my pdf files. Why not the snapshots?
  • It's a current technical limitation. We plan to offer web-based access to snapshots eventually.
  • Thanks Dan for the quick reply.
  • And note that other single-file attachments will work—just not HTML snapshots (which are multi-file).
  • Dan, What are some examples of "other single-file attachments?" Much of my collection is made up of HTML snapshots, so I hope that you make web-access to them available soon. Meanwhile, is there any other way to save web pages or their relevant parts that would permit the saved version to be synced and used anywhere? In any event, thanks for Zotero and syncing; it's great!
  • Basically any file other than an HTML snapshot. Image, audio file, video file, Word document...

    If you save an HTML file using Firefox's Save As -> "Web Page -> HTML Only" and then import that HTML file into Zotero, it'll be a single file, but you won't have images or styling.
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