Tag selector missing including dots

Zotero 2.03r5877 on FF 3.6

I have lost my tag selection pane and it won't come back. I minimized it to the bottom of the first column below my library so I could better see my group libraries. I understand that the usual buttons were replaced, however I don't even see the dots at the bottom left discussed in the forums that will toggle the pane. If I place the cursor at the bottom, I get a double arrow but moving that up makes nothing appear any differently.

Did I do something wrong, or am I missing some bit of finesse?

Many thanks in advance.
  • Try just clicking on the bottom border of the left panel, and dragging it up. If that doesn't work, check that you are using the default Firefox theme. Then try making the Zotero panels taller by dragging from the top. It is possible to shrink Zotero so far that the bottom is inaccessible (but you would have to have made it very small).
  • Anders:

    Thanks, but still no luck. Even when I expand Zotero to full screen, I cannot see or drag anything from the bottom left. The pane appears to be lost.
  • Try deleting localstore.rdf, which stores window settings, from your Firefox profile directory.
  • Thanks, Dan. That did the trick. I appreciate the help.
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