Could we get title casing in series titles too?

The new feature "Title Casing" from the context menu of the Title fields is great. It would also be nice to get the same for the "Series" fields (which in the case of a book is also a title, not exactly sure what it's supposed to be in the case of articles, where it is found alongside 'Series Title").
For that matter it would mostly work as expected in the 'Publisher', and 'Name' fields, which would be handy after scraping from databases that LIKE TO SHOUT.
  • A few more remarks about Title Casing, a feature that has saved me an amazing amount of time in the last few weeks. It gets everything right for me in English-language titles with the following exceptions:

    (1) hyphenaed words. Yield 'Greco-Roman' not Greco-roman'

    (2) Words immediately following quotation marks, parentheses, or square brackets. Yield 'The Function of the "Many" in the novels of XYZ', not: 'of the "many..."
    And '(Luke)' not '(luke)'

    And the bit about the "Publisher" and "Creator" fields mentioned above would be useful, but doesn't have nearly the urgency as some of the other things you are working on. I see now that these would ideally use different rules: lowercase von, van, van der, de, da, rather than the prepositions.
  • It looks as if hyphenated words like Greco-Roman title-case fine now, though words following single and double quotes don't yet.
  • Has there been any thought to adding the "Transform text" context menu (right click) to the Series field? That would be really nice.
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