Related links not working?

Hello, I'm on 2.02 on a Mac. I am having a new issue with my "related" links. When I press one, I am no longer taken to the related item. Nothing at all happens. Thank you!
  • They might not work currently while syncing is ongoing.
  • That's a good tip, but nothing is syncing right now.
    More data: I've just noticed that when I add a note from the right-hand Notes pane, clicking on the resulting note icon also does nothing.
    I didn't say, but I'm also up-to-date on Firefox.
  • Have you restarted Firefox? That also happens during syncing.
  • MG6
    edited March 16, 2010
    Yes, thanks, although I first had to turn off auto syncing and restart a couple of times. The relational aspect is maybe my favorite feature right now, but as long as it's a known "defect" I'll live!
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