Importing custom styles into version 2


I just upgraded zotero, and have discovered with schock that all my custom styles have disappeared... Is there any possibility to import custom made styles from the old to the new version????

  • they're certainly compatible. If you still have them you can just re-install the styles. I'm actually surprised they get removed, that should really only happen if you didn't give them their own IDs.
  • Thanks for your response.
    All of my styles had their own ID....
    Unfortunately, i did not make any copies of my styles. Is their some kind repository for styles where I could look?
  • you don't mean this, right?

    locally, in 2.0 your styles are in a folder called styles in the data directory
    but that's a change from 1.0 - so the backup of that folder, I believe, wouldn't actually hold them in you 1.0 copy (but it doesn't hurt to check).
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    No, I mean custom-made styles (I modified existing ones according to my needs).

    But thanks for your help, I resolved the issue now. I found the stlyes which I made in the folder mentioned under
    The thing that happened was that they were somehow stored as files without any extension. I added the extension ".csl" and then restarted firefox and word. The styles reappeared and are ready to be used. I dont know if this is a common bug, I imported the styles (in version 1) by simply drag and dropping them in the Zotero Reference Test pane (i.e.: "chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul"). Maybe this is the reason for the missing extension...

    Thanks again for your help,
  • huh - that does sound like a bug - you did everything right it seems and this might be sufficiently rare of a situation to not actually come up all that often - maybe Dan can see if this is a reproducible problem - in any case, glad you got things sorted out.
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