Unapi support does not resolve relative URLs in autodiscovery link

This works:

<link rel="unapi-server" type="application/xml" title="unAPI" href="http://example.com/unapi/" />

This doesn't:

<link rel="unapi-server" type="application/xml" title="unAPI" href="/unapi/" />
  • Just over a year later, I've come across the same problem. I've sent an email to Dan Chudnov (a main contributor on unAPI) about whether or not relative paths are allowed in the autodiscovery link href by the unAPI spec and I'll note what he tells me here. If they are allowed, I'll dig into Zotero to see if I can come up with a patch.
  • Wow - been a long time since I submitted this.

    I don't think it matters what the unapi people think about this. The <link> element is defined by HTML, and allows relative URIs.

    Can I get a ticket? Thanks.
  • Is this not working in 1.0.9? Ticket #741 was opened right after your original post, and it was closed several months ago. The fix should be present in the current 1.0.9 release.
  • Oops! Sorry - I haven't tested if it was fixed. I did not see a ticket linked from the forum. Thanks for your help!
  • No problem. Please let us know if it's not working for you.
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