Groups and Autocomplete

Would it be possible to exclude from autocomplete the tags from groups that one does not own? Users have no control over data in groups they don't administer and autocomplete is not very useful when most of the tags in the list were not created by the user.
  • Group ownership might be a bit too subtle. Should it simply exclude tags in other libraries? (I think that may have originally been the case and cross-library were requested—or I might be making that up.)
  • edited March 16, 2010
    Should it simply exclude tags in other libraries?
    Yes, that would be even better probably. The purpose of groups and personal libraries might differ, so I wouldn't want to mix the tags.
  • Also it would be great to sort one's own groups first on local machines (and maybe online too), and below display groups where one is just a member, rather than mixing them together in the order groups were created.
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