nonexistent follower and other questions about followers

I'll preface this by saying that I'm not yet very familiar with the web-based functionality, and that I have a private library.

I logged on today to find I had a follower, but when I clicked on the photo, it said "page not found." The URL was Is this a spammer or something? Is it someone who's no longer on Zotero, and if so, why is he still showing up on my profile? I'm also confused why anyone would want to follow me since my library isn't public (at least I hope it's not! Followers can't see private libraries, right?). Is there some way to block, decline, or delete "followers"?
  • I believe banned accounts still show up as followers, which should be fixed.

    Followers can't see anything that's not public, though.
  • So, how to delete or block a follower? Someone advertising inappropriate services began following me.
  • Report them for abuse. The problem with banned users still showing up was fixed long ago.
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