Russian GOST style

I've uploaded a new style widely used in Russia. The style is called GOST R 7.0.5-2008, you can install it from here:
Known problems:
1. To make Russian authors appear before foreign ones in bibliography one needs to use additional field.
2. I don't know how to make "et al." to be dependent on the language of the item cited.
Further information and examples (in Russian) can be found here:
  • 2. I don't know how to make "et al." to be dependent on the language of the item cited.
    This is not yet possible, but it is a known issue with CSL/Zotero. I don't recall if CSL 1.0 (and Zotero 2.1) have a fix lined up.
  • I don't recall if CSL 1.0 (and Zotero 2.1) have a fix lined up.
    no. This is more than just a little tricky - having a language variable for publications is problematic for a number of reasons.
  • Based on my reading of the standard, page 9, dates should only be included for disambiguation purposes-- in my testing, dates are currently used even when there is only a single citation in the document (and thus disambiguation is certainly not happening).
  • Does issue 1. in the initial post turn on Russian nationality of the author, or on use of the Russian language in the source?
  • ajlyon, although you are probably right, using author with year is a conventionally accepted way
    fbennet, it is about the source's language
  • In that case, there is a solution under discussion in CSL that should make this possible, in an eventual implementation.
  • @Andrey, I noticed that you seem to have more up-to-date versions of your GOST CSL styles available at . Would you like to have these added to the Zotero style repository?

    We also still have and , even though all styles are now CSL 1.0, so I guess one of these styles can probably be deleted.
  • @Rintze, I'll try take a look into GOST styles on the weekend. There are some changes that were made in a hurry and need to be reconsidered, as was correctly noted by amdam3smith on github.
  • @Andrey, any chance you'll have time to look at the GOST styles in the near future? (I'm still wondering about my questions in my post above)
  • I deleted gost-r-7-0-5-2008.csl from the repository and renamed gost-r-7-0-5-2008-csl-1-0.csl to take its place:
  • Hello Guys !
    I know pretty much nothing about styles and programming, but i Love ZOTRO and use it for my english papers! Now i so used to using zotero, i would be really glad, if you can help me with a style of citations for my university (Law Institut of Irkutsk State University) Which is alomst like a Russian Gost you have? but have little changes in the way that
    1- Footnotes appear in order and the keep their number growing continually and without square perentacies, just like in Chicago Manual (full note)

    I can send you a list of examples in English or in Russian, and if You will solve this Problem untill 25 of May I'll be your biggest Fan Forever ! and One more university for Sure with a lots of Students will join as Zotero Users speaking of Behalf of convenience for Students That's for sure !!))
  • Hi everybody,

    I have tried gost and it is all wrong. Is anybody working on it?
  • A report that "it is all wrong" doesn't help resolve your problem. See:


    and be very specific when reporting problems. Someone will be better able to help.
  • Thanks for the link! I will fill post the detailed report soon.
  • Hi. Is there any GOST-based style with footnotes-references instead of in-text references? I had one before, but I reinstalled Zotero recently and cannot find it anymore
  • You can use the example search here to find something like it:
  • Thanks a lot for pointing out the editor to me, it really is a magnifecent tool.
    There is one thing I am not sure about though: I cannot figure out whether you can use the language of the item as variable and if so how to do that. I mean there is a "language" box in entries whithin the programm itself (meaning Zotero standalone application), so I assume there must be a way to use it as a variable depending on which you can set different if-then loops. However I was not able to find it in the standart list of variables whithin the visual editor. Can it maybe be found under different name there or in code editor only or is it absent from editor alltogether?
  • No, unfortunately it's not possible to use language as a variable in CSL.
    Not all fields in Zotero are available to the citation processor.
  • edited 11 days ago
    In the case of Russian GOST, I guess it's impossible to make common script for all purposes. E.g., we have a tradition to cite German (and other non-English, but I guess it's German that has more obvious visual differences) sources as they are in the original (I guess it's because we have Cyrillic alphabet). The rules in Chicago and I guess in the other styles are different (to put the information about the editors and pages in English).

    Ok, we have Cyrillic alphabet, so this is reasonable at least. But there are other loosely explained issues in GOST, that rather strange document, even concerning Russian sources...
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