Zotero 7 Beta: Unexpected Behavior in My Library Tree

Since the update to Zotero 7.0.0 beta 98 on my Linux computer, I can see that all the items in sub-collections have been duplicated in their respective parent collection, whatever the depth of the collection tree. But I don't see this on my Mac computer (which has the same version of Zotero). Sync is working between both computers, has I can see items I have imported on the Linux computer in Zotero on the Mac computer.
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    Unless I'm misunderstanding, that just sounds like View → Show Items from Subcollections?
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    You are right. I am quite surprised because I never use this option and uncheck it on all my machines. But it was selected on my Linux machine. I may have checked it without noticing (or when I was trying to help in this forum and forgot to remove it). It is embarrassing. Sorry for the annoyance
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