Zotero Problem during Add/ Edit Bibliography

edited 11 days ago
Zotero still worked during uploading, insert citation, but cannot add bibliography of the citation. Here is the message appear in Add/Edit Bibliography > Edit Bibliography:

"Warning: If you edit a citation in the editor it will no longer update to reflect changes in your database or the citation syte."

During syncing process, Zotero gives this error messages (despite I have added extra quota):

[removed — D.S.]

Here is the Debug ID for this problem: D1607334241

  • I'm not sure what exactly you're reporting. If you're getting the Edit Bibliography window when you click Add/Edit Bibliography, there's already a bibliography — or the remnants of one — in the document. If you can't find it, you can toggle Word field codes and search for "ZOTERO_BIBL", delete it completely, and toggle field codes back off. Then put the cursor where you want the bibliography to be and click Add/Edit Bibliography.
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