Zotero is unworkably slow

When using the Zotero app on Mac, it is incredibly slow. It lags when I open a paper, it lags when I type in the notes, it lags when I highlight or make comments or scroll. It started a month ago, but everything is updated and nothing has changed, so idk what's going on. Any fixes for this? I looked online but couldn't find anything...
  • Zotero is slow on Word for Mac, but otherwise that shouldn't be the case. Try with all add-ons disabled for testing. You could also try the Zotero 7 beta, which is generally faster, and especially so on Silicone Macs.
  • The described behavior wouldn't be normal in Zotero 6 either, though. @ajcov, if you can reproduce this with all plugins disabled, we'd want to see a Debug ID for an operation that was slow.
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