exporting references from Zotero into Overleaf - I am very confused!

I am using the Zotero windows software along with the web-library. I have also "linked" my Overleaf Project to Zotero to include my reference library in a document.

However, there are important differences between what shows up in my biblatex-linked .bib file in Overleaf and what I export manually from Zotero on my laptop.

In particular, here is an entry that shows-up automatically in my overleaf .bib file:

address = {Tampa, FL},
chapter = {1},
title = {A {Novel} {Experience}},
journal = {Tampa Morning Tribune},
author = {Anonymous},
month = jan,
year = {1950},
pages = {4}, }

Here is the same entry that I manually export from the Zotero windows program:

location = {Tampa, {FL}},
title = {A Novel Experience},
pages = {4},
journaltitle = {Tampa Morning Tribune},
author = {Anonymous},
date = {1950-01-14},

Notice the field names are different - e.g. "journal" vs. "journaltitle", and more importantly the full date "1950-01-14" has been changed to a month and year entry. The manual export is more closely related to what I actually entered for the reference.

I don't see any settings either on the Zotero web-library page or the Overleaf link setup that I can control this.

Why don't these match each other. What sort of translation is going on here? I am particularly concerned that I have lost the full date information.

  • The Zotero export is Biblatex, the one you show from overleaf is BibTeX. I'm pretty sure you can set up Overleaf to use Biblatex from Zotero
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