Please remove the console logging of the (chrome) extension

I am a web developer as well as a Zotero user.

I use the browser development console a lot for developing web applications.

Zotero writes a lot of stuff to the console.logs, and this makes my work more difficult to the point where I have to disable the extension.

While I could create a different browsing context, and enable/reenable the extension, it's time consuming and annoying.

Can the zotero browser extension just not write anything to the console logs unless it's an error, or unless there is some setting to do so. The console.logs are a shared space.
  • This is a Chrome bug. I've just discovered what causes it and submitted a ticket to chromium bugtracker. You can mark this issue with the "+1" button at the top to mark that you are affected, which should get the attention of developers quicker.

    I also posted a workaround for this on the ticket. If you refresh/navigate the page with the devtools open, the Zotero Connector log is not loaded.
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