Create parent item's item type

When I right click on a pdf and then click on "create a parent item", its type is "document". I would like it to be "report". Is it possible? How?
If not, and alternatively for the pb I'm trying to solve, is it possible to order the items in a specific folder according to their attachment name?
If not, lastly, with zotfile it is possible to add "the most recently modified" file in the downloads folder. Is it possible to change from "the most recently modified" to "the one with the title most close to A in the alphabet". Namely, the name order and not the date of modification?

  • Click on where it currently says "Document" and switch the item type to report.
  • thanks but i know that. THe point is that i have thousands of such documents. Sorry for not having been clear but i'm looking for a way to do this to multiple items at once. Or more simply, that the parent item created when i do "create a parent item" is automatically a report and not a document.
  • You can run this in Tools → Developer → Run JavaScript to change all selected items to Report:

    var items = ZoteroPane.getSelectedItems();
    var reportItemTypeID = Zotero.ItemTypes.getID('report');
    for (let item of items) {
    await item.saveTx();

    Note that this will throw away any fields not valid for Report, so you'd want to use this before entering any data.

    But if these PDFs aren't being automatically recognized (which reports without DOIs generally wouldn't be), you have to manually enter metadata for all of them anyway, no? So it doesn't seem like this would save a ton of time, relatively speaking.

    Also, for what it's worth, note that changing the type manually is as easy as clicking the Item Type drop-down, pressing R twice (→ Radio Broadcast → Report), and pressing Enter/Return. You don't have to select it with the mouse.
  • Great that's exactly what i was looking for. Thks!
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