no-field-code citations and bibliography converted zotero field-code doc?

I think some people may encounter the same issue as me.

I occasionally received documents with citations and a bibliography, but they were not edited by any reference management tool (there was no field code or connection between in-text citations and the bibliography, plain text, basically).

Now, it is very difficult for me to further revise it or change its format (like from author-date type to numbering type) for another journal. I used to replace the citations one by one, which is very time-consuming.

I just wonder if some powerful folks will have some tricks to handle it, as shown in the title. Does it seem impossible?

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
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    Flattened citations are just text. There is no way to extract anything or "reactivate" these citations.

    The only tool that can help a bit, if you don't already have those items in your library, is this tool. Paste the bibliographic entries and it'll try to make sense of the metadata.

    Note that you most likely will need to amend some of them as it's not perfect.
  • Dear damnation,
    The tool helps with the first step—importing the reference list in Zotero! Now, for the second step, I just need to cite each item from the imported list. Thanks a lot!

    For the second step, perhaps some codes can be used to match the full names of the first authors, and it can further decrease the workload, but this is beyond my capability.

    Thank you damnation.
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