iOS Crash Report: 1284926814

# Details
- 3 tabs of Zotero open
- tab I was working on
- PDF only 2 pages long
- Had a lot of annotations (highlights, and almost as many notes, and some of the notes were very long, as well as just freehand drawings on top of these annotations)
  • Hey @MrBallistic. You are using an old version of the app, please update to the latest one, in any case. Regarding your report, by tabs do you mean separate windows? Is this an error you can easily reproduce, or it just happened once? Thank you.

  • Oh yes sorry for the ambiguity, I did indeed mean separate windows
    This just happened once, and fortunately Zotero completely recovered after simply closing / reopening the app
    Not sure how useful this is since Zotero has been updated, but I got the 'report to zotero forums' screen so I thought I might as well post, in the hope of giving zotero devs extra diagnostic info
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