Automatically Letters a,b,c... in the Jear

Good morning,

When I do a bibliography export, the year numbers automatically show a,b,c for duplicate entries.

Example: Alexander H (1950a). Die Pleuritis: die verschiedenen Formen - ihre Entstehung Erkennung und
Behandlung. 2. neubearb. Aufl. Leipzig: Thieme. 59 S. Signatur: [M 207 (2) b].

Can I turn off the automatic a,b,c... off? In Zotero or in the style file?

Thank you very much
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    If you have duplicate (i.e. identical) entries then you should merge those items within your Zotero library.
    Refreshing the document will then also remove the duplicated items in your citations/bibliography.
  • Hi,

    thanks for the answer.

    I don't want to merge the items, its important to have more items per Book.

    Is it possible to deactivate these letters?

    Thanks a lot
  • Yes, you'll need to edit the citation style.
    Open the style, search for "disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true"" and delete it completely.

    Follow this guide and change the title etc. As explained.
  • I didn't found it in the grafical editor. But i found it in the sourcecode from the style-file.

    Thanks a lot.
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