Zotero is not downloading

Hi! So I've been trying to download Zotero and for some reason, I'm not able to. My laptop is up to date, I've restarted it multiple times. And every time I'm told the application is not responding so I'm not sure what to do now. Does anyone have any recommendations? Your help is greatly appreciated :)
  • Please provide some basic information.

    Are you downloading Zotero from https://www.zotero.org/ ?
    What is your operating system and version?
  • @stargazer_koyin, are you having trouble downloading Zotero or opening it? Your description sounds like the latter.
  • Yes that's the website I've been using. I'm using the macbook 2019, and it's fully updated. I'm able to downloand Zotero, but whenever I do it says "application not responding" and I'm not sure why?
  • You still need to explain exactly what you're doing. See Steps to Reproduce for the kind of description we need. "Application not responding" isn't something that appears when you "download" a file.
  • I meant whenever I try to open the application, I'm given the "application not responding" message. I'm able to successfully download Zotero, just not open it. Is that a helpful description?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of how you’re opening Zotero and where you’re seeing this message? This isn’t a normal thing that people have reported.

    Have you used Zotero on this computer before?

    What exact macOS version?
  • I haven't used Zotero before, but when I do download the app. My laptop gives me an incorrect date of installation, and it's the exact same date/time each time I redownload Zotero. I've attched a screenshot of both the date/time issue as well as the "application not responding". My laptop version is macOS Sonoma 14.5


  • That Zotero is in your Applications folder, and you're opening it from there?

    Is this a personal computer or an institutional one? Are you running any third-party security software?

    This is some sort of macOS bug. We've had a few reports of this, but since it's not a problem in Zotero itself, there's not much we can suggest. If this is an Apple Silicon Mac, it might be related to Rosetta 2, which is the built-in component macOS uses to run programs that haven't yet been updated for Apple Silicon. If so, you can try installing the Zotero 7 beta, which runs natively on Apple Silicon.
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