Can't create a bibliograpy on Mac

I've just spent the last half-hour attempting to create a bibliography from my library - but in no way is it working. I've followed all directions - selected all references, right-clicked/Control click and not once have I seen an option for creating a bibliography....what am I missing? This is driving me mad.
  • There are several ways to generate a bibliography in Zotero.

    What you are describing sounds a bit like this:

    However, the most powerful solution is usually through a word processor plugin (available for Microsoft Word, LibreOffice and Google Docs):

    If you are using LaTeX, you'll probably want to use
  • Guessing blindly here... You probably only have pdfs/attachment files in your library, and you actually did not create any items with metadata. Try right-clicking on them and selecting Create Parent Item first. You may have to manually enter metadata if your pdf is not from published academic works.

    I may be wrong. A snapshot of your Zotero window as you try to create bibliography would help tell us what is happening.

    (Also, if you are trying create bibliography for a paper you are writing, it is better to do it in your word processor from citations you inserted in Word/LibreOffice, but I don't think that is your goal here.)
  • Thank you to you both, "aborel" and "enozkan" for your help - I truly appreciate your time. I ended-up using the advice from both of you to download Zotero through Word - and this worked. Thank you again - I am most grateful and wish you both well. :)
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