Notes automatically transfer from previous document

When opening a new research paper the notes from previous paper keep appearing on the new file. Tried deleting text from note section, keeps reappearing. Even deleated file, and uploaded it. Still the notes are appearing on other files when opening them. Help!
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    What do you mean by "keep appearing on the new file"?

    Can you provide a screenshot that shows what you're referring to, either here or in an email to with a link to this thread? (We'll respond here either way.) We'll also want a Report ID.
  • The notes that I created from one paper kept reappearing in the notes section of every file I opened. I resolved this by deleting the original file (which had the notes duplicated), shutting down Zotero completely, and rebooting my computer.
  • If you see this again, make sure it happens after disabling any plugins you're using. That's the most likely cause here.
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