Zotero not indexing most of my files?

I have 7.0.0-beta.73

I have about 727 files indexed about about 1100 that aren't. I tried re-indexing unindexed files. Didn't work.

Then I went ahead and rebuilt the entire index last night. This morning? The same numbers! What's going on?
  • Can you find an attachment that's not indexed (when looking in the item pane after clicking on the attachment) and provide a Debug ID for clicking the reindex button?
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    Oh I see. There's a whole lot of attachments that for some reason aren't where they should be.

    For some reason the folder on many of these files had the name subtly changed. (maybe from when I was on a different computer a few years ago?).

    I guess SOME attachments are in a folder called Zotero (which is also what is set in Zotero settings as the data directory). And SOME are in a folder called ZoteroDb-Ak. The attachments which are unindexed are in the "wrong" folder -- but within that folder, they are in exactly the right subfolder.

    Is there any way to mass correct this issue? Can I copy all the subfolders from ZoteroDB-Ak to Zotero?
  • Ok, well, I just copied all the subfolders in storage from ZoteroDB-Ak to the storage in the Zotero folder, and it seems to have fixed the problem. Am now reindexing all unindexed things, and it seems to be working :-)
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