Group library with linked attachments made from personal library with linked attachments

I have my own library with all files saved as linked attachments (on a onedrive folder). I want to share this library with a colleague so I created a group library. I dragged all items of mylibrary to the group library, but the information of the links was lost in the process. How can I do to regenerate all links on the group library?
If not, how can I have a common library with a collegue without starting from scratch?
  • Links don't work in group libraries (in most set-ups, they wouldn't be stable between different group members and thus create massive confusion). You can convert links to attachments in your library (in bulk) and then drag to the group, though.
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    Linked attachment files don't work with Groups.

    If you share the cloud folder where all the PDFs exist with your colleague, and the files are named the same as their item names in the Group library (so they can be easily located), then your colleague could just open the PDFs from the shared folder in an external PDF reader. That would work at least for shared reading.
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