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Since a few days my database on the computer is empty every time I open it and it has to completely re-synchronise. This takes time and wasn't the case before - why is this? I look forward to any tips and advice - thank you in advance!
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    That would happen if something outside of Zotero is deleting the zotero.sqlite file in your Zotero data directory.

    See Locating Missing Zotero Data, which explains how to check whether files in your data directory were recently created, and provide the requested info if you're not sure.
  • Thanks for the quick reply and help!
    Unfortunately, I do not yet understand or see the solution. Attached is a screenshot of the names, sizes and dates of all the files in the current data directory. Everything seems to be there and in the right place ("storage" folder with subfolder with current data, zotero.sqlite in the home folder).
    Since Sunday evening, the empty database has been opened without me (consciously) changing anything on the computer or in the database. Fortunately everything is back after the snych button, but it takes time every time and doesn't seem logical ...Am I missing something?
  • PS: Should I delete all the [conflicted]sqlites...?
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    You seem to somehow be syncing your data directory with an external tool — it looks like you have the data directory in the default location, but those "conflicted" files aren't created by Zotero and absolutely shouldn't be there. This isn't something we can help you with, beyond pointing you to Can I store my Zotero data directory in a cloud storage folder?. You'll need to turn off whatever is doing this.
  • Thanks! there was the solution, I changed the back-up settings. thank you very much!
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