No sync conflicts when replacing online library?

In my institution (a scientific library), we use a Zotero group library with 50+ members for some acquisitions workflows. In order to test our backup strategy, we did a test with a dummy group library:

- User A made a backup of the data directory
- User B went on working in the group library
- User A replaced the online library with the backup

We did this test in order to see some possible syncing conflicts / error messages. But there did not seem to be any conflicts, and no error messages appeared. The state of User B's group library in the client just synced with the online library, setting it back to the state of the update.

While this conflict-free syncing back to the state of the backup is what we wish for in case we need to replace the online library, I'm wondering whether in the productive group library with 50+ users, the behaviour would be the same. Do all the users need to be in sync with the online library before replacing it, as suggested here?
This is not a realistic scenario in our case, because 50+ people are making changes all the time, and most of them are working part-time.

What kind of conflicts could show up when replacing the online library while not all group member's client are fully synced? And is there an easy way to resolve them such as "Overwrite all local changes"?
  • Replace Online Library does exactly what it says — it replaces the online library with the local version, completely wiping out anything that's there. It exists almost exclusively to revert to a backup, so the whole point is to undo any more recent changes in the online library that would otherwise be synced down and bring the restored library back to the current state.

    If you're saying User B's library reverted to the state of the backup, that means their changes had in fact already been uploaded before Replace Online Library was used, not the opposite. If they hadn't yet synced, either their changes would be applied to the online library or they'd get a conflict, depending on what exactly they had edited.
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