Can't access to folders in the group libraries through web library.


I created and shared a few folders in the group libraries through the Zotero app. While the member I shared with and I can open the folders through the app and see the names of the folders on the web library, neither of us can click and see the data inside those folders on the web library. I also tried to upload new data into the group folders through the web library, and those files did synchronize to the folders in the app. However, I still couldn't open the folders and couldn't see those files through the web library.

Does anyone know the way to deal with the problem?
Any advice is highly appreciated!
  • Could you post a screenshot from web library, with a collection selected where items in that collection do not appear in the main pane?

    Please bear in mind that some groups types do not allow file sharing and that linked files or files stored in WebDAV won't be accessible from within web library.
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    Thank you! I've attached a screenshot of my library.
    The library that was marked with red was the one where I failed to see the data inside.

    However, after a few tests on the group library, I think I've figured out the problem- The name of the main group folder (the one that needs to be created through the Zotero website) can't be Mandarin. It seemed that the web library couldn't recognize the main folder named in Mandarin, so it failed to show the files inside that folder. Interestingly, If I change the name of the main folder to English, the folders under the main folder function normally even though they're named in Mandarin. Since the Zotero app works well regardless of the language used to name the folders, it might be a bug that happened only to the web library.
  • Indeed, there appears to be a bug in web library exactly as you've described. We're going to fix it, thanks for reporting!
  • Thank you!
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