How to Add Titles and Authors to PDFs I have Uploaded?

edited 12 days ago
Uploaded a bunch of PDFs to the Zotero web library (mostly papers downloaded from Arxiv or IEEE Explores). But it seems all of them assume the title of the pdf filename itself and I see no way to edit them. How to assign them correct titles and authors name to make them searchable?
Note that I am only using the web library on browser, cannot install any application.
  • This isn't really how Zotero is meant to be used. See this section, including "Standalone Attachments and Parent Items":
  • Well, though that's primarily about the desktop app. If you can only use the web library, you'd have to create items (either with the Zotero Connector saving straight to the online library or Add by Identifier) and then upload the attachments to those items. It's not currently possible to retrieve metadata for a PDF in the web library, or (I believe) even to create a parent item from an attachment or drag an existing attachment onto an existing item (though we can probably support these last two fairly easily).
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