[Z7 Beta] Problematic Citation ("'collections' not loaded for item")

Hi all,
when opening a document I've worked on a lot in the past few days, I got hit with the "There was an error updating your document message". I could relatively quickly identify the probematic citation. It has been in the document for weeks without causing any problems and I had not changed anything about it recently. I can also not add it into a new document, changing the citation style doesn't make any difference.

The debug ID is:


I've also noticed that the entry is not shown in any collection in the item pane, even though I think it was in one (I don't remember exactly which one, though, but I rarely leave items outside of specific collections). I have noticed that because of the "'collections' not loaded for item" in the Debug log.
  • If you check your database integrity from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero settings, does it pass?
  • Yes, it passes.
  • Just another observation: the entry also doesn't show up in the "Entries without a collection" view.
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    The Unfiled view? It shouldn't — that item is in a collection, at least online.

    Can you provide a Debug ID for Zotero startup through reproducing this, using the "Restart with Logging Enabled…" option?
  • Here's the DebugID from Startup: D2013550328

    This is the item pane of the item in question - it doesn't show as belonging to a collection there:
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    Ah, OK, looks like this happens if you 1) delete a collection (which now goes to the trash) and then 2) modify an item that was in that collection.

    We'll fix, but you can probably fix this by deleting that collection permanently from the trash (or just emptying the trash).
  • Thank you so much for the quick assistance - deleting the collection from the trash did indeed fix the problem.
  • Fixed in beta 97, along with items that are only in collections in the trash not appearing in Unfiled Items.
  • Great, thank you!
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