Android bug 175972114 - App crashes or hangs on editing PDF in shared library I own

edited 14 days ago
Bug ID: 175972114
OS: Android 9

Steps to reproduce crash:
- Installed app
- Logged in
- Synced all libraries & collections
- Navigated to a shared library that I own
- Selected an item with attached PDF. Opened PDF
- Annotated PDF with a freehand line.
- Accessed comment list using top-left icon. Clicked delete in freehand line comment's ... menu

**Related Error #1 without bug ID**
- Same as above except before last step, I received a warning 'You cannot write to group XX anymore. What would you like to do?'
- I selected 'Revert to original'
Bug: Annotation doesnt disappear from PDF even when going back to main menu and re-opening PDF.

**Related Error #2**
- Same as related error #1 above and then
- I went back to main menu. Returned to PDF.
- Went to comment list, selected line and 'Delete annotation'. App is now unresponsive. OS gives notifcation 'Zotero beta isnt responding'

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