[Zotero 7] Bug: Item Pane Freezes

There is a bug in the current beta version (95). If you hide the right item pane and then open it again, it freezes. To edit an entry you have to open the pdf reader and do it in the right pane or restart the programme.

MacOS 14.2.1
Same behaviour in troubleshooting mode without plugins; in light and dark mode.
  • Please provide a Debug ID for that.
  • D606843831
  • edited 13 days ago
    That's with plugins enabled. We'd want to see a Debug ID from Troubleshooting Mode.
  • My bad, I thought that that is not necessary because it is the same behaviour with or without plugins and troublesooting mode is not mentioned in the linked help article. But it makes absolutely sense so here it is: D605270129
  • It shouldn't matter if you're in Troubleshooting Mode, but you can uninstall the ZoteroPreview extension — that shouldn't be necessary anymore in Z7.

    Could you provide the precise steps to reproduce from startup to make this happen, starting with creation of a new item?
  • 1. Start Zotero
    2. Click New Item>Document
    3. Insert title "Test"
    4. Press enter
    5. Click View>Layout>Item Pane to hide the right item pane.
    6. Click View>Layout>Item Pane again to show the item pane.
    7. Click on another item in the middle pane.

    The item pane still shows the entry for the document "Test".

    (still having selected the other item)
    8. Hide the item pane.
    9. Show the item pane again.

    The item pane updated and shows the entry for the other item.
    But: if now clicking again on "Test" or any other item it is again not updating. Have to hide/show again.
  • OK, I can reproduce. We'll fix — thanks.
  • Thank you!
  • Fixed in beta 97
  • Thank you for your work!
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