[Z7 Beta] Document settings do not show full list of styles

I've just noticed that when working in a new document in LO Writer and trying to add a bibliography or when changing the bibliography style, Zotero doesn't show me all of my installed styles anymore. For some reason, the list is cut off below IEEE.

Inside a document:

When managing my styles I can still see the full list:

I'm not sure when I last changed a style, but I think this behaviour must've been introduced in one of the more recent betas. I'm currently using 7.0.0-beta.95+694ccecf4
  • That happens every time?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for that?
  • D999441610 should show me opening a new document and opening the document preferences window twice (once through "add citation", once through "document preferences". In both cases I could just scroll down to IEEE.
  • It seems to happen every time or at least I haven't noticed a time where it has not happened. When I open documents created previously with a Style that should be below IEEE in the list, it opens the dialogue with the first style (which is not correct) selected.
  • Ah, OK, it's the "Institut für Praxisforschung" style. We'll investigate.
  • Thank you, removing it fixed the problem for me.
  • Fixed for the next build — thanks.
  • Great, thank you for the quick response!
  • Fixed in beta 96.
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