Citation Key changes randomly when exported through API

Hi there,
I am using Zotero 6.0.35, and I export my database to overleaf. Sometimes, Authors publish books or papers with very similar titles in the same year, such that they receive the same citation key. For example, Joe Polchinski's book String Theory published in 1998 might get the citation key 'polchinski-string_1998'. He published a second volume in the same year, which might get the citation key 'polchinski-string_1998-1'.
However, it happens that the citation key 'polchinski-string_1998-1' gets changed into 'polchinski-string_1998' some weeks later, at random, even though there might be dozens of changes and synchronisations in between. If that happens, it clashes with my LaTeX bibliography on overleaf, as the citation keys need to be unique.
For some items, I have the option to set a custom citation key in Zotero—but not for all. The option is rarely there.

I have two questions:

1. How can I trigger the availability of a custom citation key?
2. How can I avoid that Zotero changes the citation keys on later syncs?
  • If you want stable citekeys across item types, you need to install the BBT add-on. For those citekeys to export/be used via API you need to pin citekeys (they will then write to Extra and are picked up by the API export from there)
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