Sync Problems

Hi, I usually work in the desktop app of Zotero. Since two days, all of my new integrated resources from the last year are gone. Fortunately, they are still in the web version. When I click on the sync icon, it says it has been synced. Can you help me get the papers back in my desktop app?
Thank you!
  • Is this a computer where you previously had this data, or are you just trying to sync data from the web library to a new computer?
  • I had the data on this computer and I never had sync problems before.
  • But it's not a sync problem if you had the data on this computer — as you say, the web library has the data.

    Data would only disappear locally if you deleted it yourself or somehow switched to a different Zotero data directory. And since syncing isn't deleting the online data, either syncing isn't enabled for your library or you're syncing with a different account with different data. See Changes Not Syncing.
  • I can see what you mean. But I hadn't changed any of my settings. I just added a few new paper in the evening and the next morning, those paper and a lot more just disappeared. So I would be thankful for any help to "find" them again in my desktop version.
  • Can you provide a screenshot from your desktop app, sorted by Date Modified descending, that shows missing items, either here or in an email to with a link to this thread?
  • Thank you. I just send an email to the support.
  • You sent one screenshot from a collection and another from the library root.
  • That's right - to clarify the differences between both version. Do you need something else?
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    But they're not comparable. The screenshots need to show the same view. If you think you're missing items, they should both show the library root.
  • Ok, I sent another screenshot via email
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    No, all you did is send us another screenshot from the library root of the web library, which you had already sent. The desktop screenshot you sent is from a collection, so that's not comparable to the library root.
  • Ohhhh, I'm sorry. That was the problem. Thank you for your support
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