[Android] text-selection popup - show 3rd party dictionary apps

edited 20 days ago
I have an Onyx Boox e-reader and have installed the dictionary app Aard2. When I select a word in the browser or, for example, in the Readwise app, it shows a dictionary shortcut in the text-selection popup. This allows me to easily see the definition of the selected word.

Unfortunately, in the android Zotero app, dictionaries don't show up in the popup, so I have to first click the SHARE button and then select my dictionary app from the share menu. This is not very convenient when I read a difficult text in a secondary language and have to look up words frequently.

I also have an iPad with a built-in dictionary that shows up in Zotero's popup. So it would be nice if dictionaries showed up in the popup to have this feature in Android as well.


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