Some improvements in the Standard type

Citation style
For those who need to cite standards in their works,

I use the ISO-690 (numeric, french) style of citation and I'vei've just added this at line 473:

<else-if type="standard">
<group display="right-inline">
<text macro="number" suffix=". "/>
<text macro="title" font-style="normal" suffix=". "/>
<text macro="date" suffix=". "/>

It follow the way the ISO commitee cite others standards items and I think that it's far enouth for this kind of item

Output :
1. NF EN 9300-110. Série aérospatiale - LOTAR - Archivage Long Terme et récupération des données techniques produits numériques telles que 3D, CAO et PDM - Partie 110 : Données de géométrie 3D explicite en CAO mécanique. juin 2018.

Extra informations
The following thought can be extended to other item types.

I'm dealing with a lot of standards and every time I add a new one in my library, I regret to be unable to save some specific elements.

e.g, for NF/EN ISO standards :

I've tried JabRef for a wile as it allows users to expand the data schema with custom properties,
But I came back to Zotero due to general inconsistency of this app

So, is there any plan for the dev team to allow users to create custom and consistent properties for specific item types?

Many thanks for your answer
  • No current plan to allow for modifying item types, not. Has been discussed, but unlikely to happen any time soon.
    FWIW, we discussed ICS briefly and like most classification those should probably be separate tags (as a MeSH terms and LCSH headers, say). I'd be open to adding ISSN (and maybe ISBN?) to Standards.
  • Hi adam,

    Thanks for your answer,

    yes I think that ICS are too specifics too,

    It can be a great thing to store ISSN and ISBN for Standard

    and be even more usefull if Zotero can be able to retrieve metadata from ISSN

    I don't now if there is somewhere a unified DB for standards metadata tho...
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