Unresponsive Script in attach files dialog box

This is on 2.0 for Mac, with Firefox 3.6. I have found an unresponsive script warning that cripples Firefox. It happens if I switch to Finder in the middle of the "attach a stored copy of file" action (which I initially did because I wasn't sure which file I wanted). The error dialog identifies it as


Although it asks, there is apparently no way to cancel the action and recover. Neither the continue or cancel button does anything. I have to force quit.

Thank you!
  • that's not a Zotero script - it seems connected to some type of download bar - I think there is an add-on with a similar name.
  • I don't understand what you think the problem is, but the most obvious choice is Download Statusbar, which has been around for like 7 years. It's very useful. Are you suggesting that I have to get rid of it if it keeps happening?
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    I don't know - I have Download Statusbar working well with Zotero - all I'm saying is that the script that's unresponsive is not a zotero script, but one from another extension.
    Since this happens during a file operation I could see some type of conflict between the two extensions. Is that an error you can consistently replicate?
    If you don't cancel but continue and wait for a while, does it go away?
    It's likely that Dan will want to see a Debug ID for the triggered issue - though, as I said, I'm not sure how much Zotero can do about this as the problem isn't within Zotero.
  • If a script in another extension hangs, you should report it to them.
  • Hm... I can't get it to happen right now, but I'll watch and remember to report back. Since I was using Zotero at the exact moment, I didn't know what else it could be. Thank you.
  • Thanks guys. I had a similar problem with attaching a local copy of a stored file; Zotero didn't give any response either through right clicking the reference or through the paperclip icon. I've now disabled Download Statusbar and it all works fine again. Shame, I've been using statusbar for a while and really like it.

    I am using Zotero with Suse 11.2 and Firefox 3.59.
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