bug after update-- zotero on ios

I'm using zotero on ios (ipad), at first i experienced the "This document has been changed on another device. Please reopen it to continue editing."

To resolve this, i went to APP store and update to the latest version, but now, the whole App become extremely slow and i can't open any document within it, When i tried to open one PDF, it just took a long time to wait and then a forced exit.

and i generated a debug ID if this could help resolve this issue: D1075811802

thanks a lot!
  • to add the version information, i've now updated to 1.0.38. it also says Build 276.

    I also saw the same problem with other ios Zotero user in the forums, so i was wondering how can i intall the earlier version back? which may help resolve the problem (can't open PDF, and then crashed and forced exit) thanks!
  • Can you email a PDF that causes this to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread?
  • but this is not caused by a specific PDF, and since i can't view or edit any PDF in Zotero ios, i can't send the PDF to that email. but could you advise me the location where PDF in Zotero is located in iPad? thanks
  • @Xiaoqingc4 can you please try the latest beta, for a potential fix for your crashing issue? Check here for details https://www.zotero.org/support/beta_builds#zotero_for_ios_beta
  • Thanks. after installing the beta version (1.0.39) Build 277,

    i can now open my PDFs, but just occasionally. This version, as mentioned in the webpage, is not stable, tend to let me wait for longer time, and especially when opening the bigger file with more annotations (such as reading a book), then it tends to crash,

    hopefully there is away to find out the bug and deal with this issue. thanks!

    and BTW if i install back the previous version before 1.0.38, will it solve the problem? Thanks!
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    @Xiaoqingc4 can you please go to the Settings.app > Privacy & Security > Analytics & Improvements,
    search for any recent Zotero crash logs, and send them to support@zotero.org, mentioning this thread?

    If you also get a Report ID when you restart the app, please post it here.
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    in my settings there is no option for Privacy & Security , but just these

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    @Xiaoqingc4 mvasilak meant settings on your iOS device, not settings in your app. But anyway we think we might have figured the issue out and this probably won't be needed.

    There is a new beta build 1.0.39 (278), can you check it out and let us know whether that fixed things for you?
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    yes, Bravo!!
    this version (1.0.39 278) becomes stable, and i haven't experienced crash. although when opening large files (like books with many annotations) still wait a longer time (like 5-10 seconds) but it runs smoothly and swift with small files.

    thanks a lot for helping!
  • Thanks for letting us know, we'll try to improve those loading times too. 5-10 seconds is not acceptable.
  • Also if you have some time can you send us a Debug ID of you opening such big PDF file? So in Settings -> Debug Output Logging you'll "Start Logging", then open the big file, wait until it fully loads and then just stop logging and send the ID here. Thanks!
  • I recorded two logs with two books with many of my annotations: D1145495395 and D533662387. thanks for being actively helping!
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