Error:'saveAnnotations' during annotation

I keep getting a red error bar saying "Error:'saveAnnotations'" while working with some scanned PDFs (archival newspapers).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Select item in library and select 'open PDF in new window'
2. Select a few areas for annotation (using select area tool), comment on some of them (not sure if the commenting itself matters, can't isolate this).

Then randomly this error will or will not appear. It's not clear why. It doesn't seem to actually affect the functionality - I'm able to close the external window the PDF is in and it seems like everything I annotated is still there when I re-open it. But it is disconcerting, I'm not sure if it's causing a problem down the road with sync, etc. Please let me know what might be happening... thanks!
  • We've fixed this in the Zotero 7 beta. It likely happens when 1) Zotero is busy (starting up, syncing, etc.) and 2) you create an annotation and then make additional changes in quick succession (e.g., start an ink annotation and then add some additional lines). Working with large scanned PDFs probably contributes to (1).
  • awesome, thanks!!!
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