copy formatted citation - web app on phone - only in-text citation

Hello, I sometimes use Zotero through the web application on my phone - mostly to add things to my library and to get the formatted citation (bibliography style, with all the details) to paste into emails.
For ages it worked as expected.
Now, the copy formatted citation command still lets me choose between various ouput styles - but only the in-text citation output for each style. I want the bibliography output for the style I chose.
I can't figure out where to tweak this setting. Thanks for your help.
Oh, and, while I'm posting about this: I found it counterintuitive that, while using the web app on the phone, I can't copy a formatted citation from the page where I am looking at a particular record. Instead, I have to go back to the group in which the record lives, select it without opening it, and copy the formatted citation from there. Maybe it's possible to allow copying a formatted citation from the record page as well as the group selection page? Or maybe, with an app on the way, there's not point improving the web app for phone users....
  • Note that the web app (both mobile and desktop) have two buttons: Create Bibliography (the bookshelf item all the way to the right) and Create Citation (the quotation mark with lines next to it). They work as advertised for me (allowing citations to be created is esp. important for folks using footnote formats like Chicago).

    Are you saying that they both create citations for you or did you just happen to use the wrong one?
    (I have nothing on the UX question except to say that it's the same in the desktop web app).
  • Huh, I've always thought I was pressing the icon with the quotation mark with lines. I just switched phones, and I guess I used to unintentionally hit the correct icon, and now with a different phone+case, now I'm touching the (wrong) icon I always meant to touch, but previously was not touching.
    Yes, indeed, the correct icon, the one that looks like a bookshelf, on the right, works perfectly.
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