[Android] Missing or strange icons

A large number of the items in my library are not getting icons anymore. And the ones that have an icon have new icons. I have tried making a full sync multiple times and restart the phone, but I am still seeing the same.




For some items, I get the following error when trying to see the metadata:

Debug ID: D483218334
Zotero for Android 1.0.0-73
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    I have the same. same zotero for android version. White squares, legal paragraph signs, outline of humans with speech bubble, red Z, and mostly symbols missing.
  • I haven't looked at it in much detail, but it appears the symbols are systematic: no symbol for journal articles, white square for book, red Z for book section, @ for Thesis, speech bubble head for web page.
  • Fyi, randomly clicking on the "i" button of ca 50-100 items of all item types, with and without attachment does not produce the metadata info error that mjthoraval encountered. So that may be a an unconnected issue and it is probably not related to specific item types.
  • I wanted to bump this, as this seems to be a bug, and the devs may have overlooked it.
  • This should be fixed now in 1.0.0-74.
  • Thank you.
  • its fixed indeed, thank you, brillant!
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