Zotero 7: Clicking on intra-PDF links only gets close to target

With version 7.0.0-beta.83+066eda731 (64-bit) on Linux, I'm finding a lot of cases where clicking on an intra-PDF link (e.g., a link to a section) now does not jump to the intended target. Rather, it gets you close, but you then have to scroll to find the actual destination. I don't recall this happening prior to beta 83.

For example, I have the below PDF open with "zoom to page height" and odd-spreads.


On the second page, the "3" in the sentence "see Section 3 for the full definition" is a link to Section 3. However, after clicking on it, Section 3 is not visible. I have to scroll down further in order to see the correct destination.

See the below video for illustration:

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