Difference between automatic and manual keywords

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  • Hi All -- I'm looking around the Zot forums for a clear answer -- maybe a developer can help - what is the clear difference between automatic and manual keywords? To my understanding, automatic are extracted from the publisher, but within my sample, some journals (which have keywords) didn't get included in the automatic tags. To this point, there's an assortment of manual keywords, some of which I recall typing in myself, but I don't suspect all -- is this the difference, then?

    Thanks in advance!
  • When you import using a metadata file (RIS, say) Zotero doesn't know where the file comes from (it could be your old Endnote library, say) and treats included keywords as manual.
    All keywords that come in via the connector or add by identifier should be automated keywords. If they're not, that'd be a bug.
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