proxy urls in shared references

I don't really know what can be done about urls with embedded
proxy references.

But, when a url is saved, and it was accessed through a proxy,
then when other folks want to reference that item, they are redirected
through the original user's proxy -- which will probably fail for them.

here is an example:
which does not happen to be one i created, but i am sure i have created
such items also.

  • In theory, the URL field should be a unique, stable identifier for the resource, so no, it really shouldn't have a proxy information. Further, it shouldn't have any information if there is no direct URL for the item listed, like, for example, per-session URLs that a database might create. The choice of what to put in the URL field, if anything, is up to the site translator.

    The translators generally know which URLs are stable, and which are not, but I don't know if the translators can get the non-proxied URL. Might there be a way for translators to get the non-proxy URL from the HTTP headers?
  • This is definitely certain translators. I just tried, for instance, and accessed through my proxy, the URL that was produced was the doi-based URL. However, I have several articles with "stable" page URLs that contain my proxy address in the middle (example: ). All are from either JSTOR or
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