show note or attachment type in collapsed middle pane

here is a minor feature request: When the items in the middle pane are collapsed, the triangle indicates whether there is a note or an attachment. Additionally, if I select "+" as an additional column, zotero gives me the number of items attached to an item. However, the most important information for me is the attachment type (notes and/or pdfs and/or screenshots) rather than the number. To see this information I have to expand/click the item.
I would thus propose to indicate the attachmnet type in the collapsed item, for example by colour coding the triangle (yellowish grey for notes, reddish grey for pdfs, dark grey for both) or by using different symbols (empty triangle for notes, full triangle for pdfs).
  • I'd like something similar. The most important thing is to easily see if I have a pdf attached to the reference, and it would be nice to have that information in a column (esp. if we can sort by this information, so I could quickly look through the PDFs I do have).

    But this is a great product for free and I really appreciate it! I've used (I use) endnote, reference manager, and mendeley for different reasons and with zotero it looks to me like I can get away with just reference manager and zotero--zotero (and the zotfile extension) are very efficient at quickly downloading reference information and downloading and renaming pdfs)

    One other thing that I'm wondering is if there would be a way to create a keyboard shortcut to add an attachment to a pdf.
  • Not exactly what you're asking for, but to quickly look through all your attachments, you can press + in the middle pane to expand all items.
  • Yes, I know about the "+".

    I guess I was wanting an "attached files" option in the column options, so that it might show a paperclip or something like that. I understand that there might be multiple files and the paperclip icon couldn't act as the link, but a field that I could display in the columns if I chose, and then quickly sort by whether or not an attached pdf exists.

    Thanks again for this addon!
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