Citation of information from version of website on the Wayback Machine

The article here ( ) explains at least one format for citing information from a version of a website found on the Wayback Machine. I don't necessarily need to follow that format specifically, but I do need to add a reference to information found on a version of a website that has since changed. What would be the correct means of getting the appropriate metadata into the Zotero database so that it will show up properly in the citation?
  • First, I'd disregard the EE article on this. It's simply wrong about how the Waback Machine works and as a result gives what I'd consider bad advice (the WBM URL will not, in fact, redirect to their homepage unless the snapshot is broken and it contains useful information).
    CMoS has more sensible advice on this:
    I'd go with option 1. The only thing that you'd then need to add is "at the Wayback Machine" -- I think if you add this in Website Type, you'd get a decent output, but there are other options, too.
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