Stress tests for Linux

Hello, I am thinking of switching to a raspberry pi as my main device, but I wanted to make sure it was actually capable of running zotero smoothly: are there any stress tests I can run on the device to verify this? My main uses where more power might be needed are:
- opening multiple windows (about 10 different ones at the same time) on same and/or different pdfs
- pdfs with many pages (about 500)
- pdfs with many annotations (notes with a lot of text and highlights in different colours, about 100 per page)

Thanks ;-)
  • I don't believe there are any tests that you can run other than just installing and testing out some things. Generally Zotero (being a cross-platform app) isn't the most economical with system resources. E.g., I wouldn't want to run the types of things you describe on an 8GB RAM machine (I think that's the default for the 5th gen PI?), though it's certainly possible.
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