Superscript your references without brackets.


I have a submission returned to me on an article telling me that I have to 'Superscript your references without brackets'. I am using the blue book format style. I have gone through all 'superscript numbers', and no brackets are there.

I am starting to think that there is something I don't understand about the style. Does anyone familiar with the bluebook style know what this means?

  • When you handed in your manuscript, did you unlink the citations in a copy of the file therefore removing all active citations and removing the field codes?
    That way your citations are just text and cannot be modified in case a reviewer/editor also uses Zotero and it somehow changes the formatting.
  • Thanks damnation for your reply. I didn't unlink anything at all. And i downloaded the submission from the journal that I've submitted, and don't see any bracket all all. All looks correct as shown in the cropped fig attached.
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