Style Request: Oxford HUMSOC Numbered

Please introduce general style for Oxford HUMSOC numbered, similar to

Oxford University Press 'Instructions to Authors':

Journal ISSN: N/A as this is a general style used by many journals.

In-text citation should be superscript numerals.

In-text citation:
text, text, text.1,2

1. J. L. Campbell and K. O. Pedersen, 'The Varieties of Capitalism and Hybrid Success', Comparative Political Studies 40 (2007), 307–32.
2. I. Mares, 'Firms and the Welfare State: When, Why, and How Does Social Policy Matter to Employers?', in P. A. Hall and D. Soskice (eds.) Varieties of Capitalism. The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage, pp.184-213 (New York: OUP, 2001).
3. Campbell, 'The Varieties of Capitalism', 310.

Link to paper:
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