[Zotero 7 Beta] Disappearing creators in the Item Pane

The creators of an item can be "hidden" in the Item Pane:

Steps to reproduce:
1) Click and hold on the 6 dots on the left of a Creator field (to move it up or down) with both left-click and right-click together
2) Move to another place while holding both clicks
3) Release
-> The field disappears from the Item Pane. I can still click in it and edit it.

They reappear simply by switching item and back, so nothing is broken. Just a minor visual bug.

Zotero 7.0.0-beta.81+721f54fe4 (64-bit)
Windows 10
  • I can also reproduce this with a simple left-click and hold instead of the simultaneous clicks, but it does not always happen. Timing seems to be important to trigger the bug with a single left-click and hold.
    Debug ID: D939311138
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