[Zotero 7 Beta] Item Pane of the Feeds: creators, DOI and URL issues

A few issues in the Item Pane of the Feeds:

1) It should not be possible to delete or add creators. But the delete/add buttons -/+ are active at the moment:

2) I was expecting to get a "View Online" button when hovering over the DOI or URL fields, same as in other libraries.
I can already double-click (or press Enter or right-click) on the item in the Items Tree, or right-click on the field in the Item Pane, or use the Locate button. But I am used to the mouse click in My Library, so keeping the same here would be nice.

Zotero 7.0.0-beta.81+721f54fe4 (64-bit)
Windows 10
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